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“I used R. Brown Services when I had my house pressure washed this past year, it looked so new and clean. I asked about my driveway and what could be done to that as well, anyway he did my driveway and I was amazed at how good it looked because I could compare that to the part that wasn’t done yet.  The concrete looked new, and I didn’t realize how bad it needed it until I saw the final results.  They did a fabulous job…I highly recommend them for all of your pressure washing needs.” – Gulfport, MS

Many people often ask “Why do I need my house, roof or driveway cleaned?” Your home is your biggest investment and after all, you want to keep that investment in prime shape and have an inviting curb appeal in your neighborhood.

Here at R. Brown Services we offer a wide range of exterior restoration services  for your home. So let’s discuss the processes of house, roof and concrete cleaning. A residential house washing consists of using our industrial grade equipment along with the soft washing method (no hard pressure) and a few environmentally safe chemicals that are specifically tailored to each cleaning to wash away the years of growth and build up. The soft wash method is just as effective as pressure washing with high volumes of pressure, but it uses a light pressure. High pressure can cause irreversible heavy damage to your properties surfaces and damage your landscape. The soft wash method is used to ensure no damage occurs to any of your properties surfaces or landscape.

A roof cleaning consists of using no pressure washing, but soft washing. The specifically designed, environmentally safe chemicals will eat away at the growth on the roof and in the process, remove the years of build up and grime. Most think the stains they see on the surface of their roof are nothing more than “dirt.” Those stains are actually mold, mildew and algae that attach themselves to your property’s surfaces. These organisms are living and growing. They can cause eye sores and even irreversible damage to your surfaces, especially your roof. The mold, mildew and algae will appear as black spots on your roof and can begin to deteriorate your roof over time. The mold, mildew and algae attack not only roof shingles but also vinyl, stucco, brick and many other surfaces. These stains will usually appear in moist areas around dirt and grass or other areas of the house that stay moist. Living in South Mississippi we battle the weather elements with our extremely hot summers, humid air, hurricanes and such. So it is important to keep a close eye on any stains that may begin to appear on your homes surfaces. That is why it is important to have your roof cleaned, to keep the mold and algae from growing. After all, it is much cheaper than replacing a roof.

Here at R. Brown Services, we clean all types of concrete with our industrial surface cleaner. It is powerful enough to pull the stains right out of your concrete but gentle enough to not cause any damage. Over time a concrete driveway, sidewalk or walkway is susceptible to everyday weather elements, wear and usage. To keep up the curb appeal and add value to your home, let R. Brown Services clean your concrete surfaces. You wont believe the difference; your concretes surfaces will look brand new again!

Give R Brown Services a call and we can give you a no obligation, hassle free estimate for your next exterior home washing, roof cleaning and/or concrete cleaning. We service Slidell, LA and surrounding Louisiana areas along with the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Contact us Today!

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