Unlock the power of clean concrete! R Brown Services provides Baton Rouge with professional solutions that will make every aspect of your commercial property stand out.

Think about the parts of your property that feature concrete. Sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots are popular candidates, all of which represent an entryway to your business. Your concrete is often the first touch that anyone will have with your commercial enterprise… And you want to make that first impression count. That’s where R Brown Services comes in.

We appreciate that businesses in Baton Rouge are contending with lots of wear and tear. Sudden weather changes, combined with the activity that comes along with being a state capital, means that urban properties take a beating. Our concrete cleaning solutions are designed to combat those issues and restore your property to its original shine.

Where We Work

Every property is different. We customize our services to get you a tailored solution and a restorative outcome, no matter what the space. Some of the common surfaces that we address are:

  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Concrete Building Exteriors
  • Sidewalks
  • Entrances
  • Driveways

Instant Curb Appeal: Pressure Washing

R Brown Services employs pressure washing for most concrete. This approach pairs pressurized water with powerful cleaning agents to remove buildup ranging from dirt to vehicle oil to chewing gum. Our team is committed to using the best mobile pressure washing equipment and detergents, and every technician comes to your property with the unique skillset needed to truly restore your concrete to “just like new.”

For “Impossible” Jobs: Acid Washing

If your concrete is in particularly dire straits, R Brown Services utilizes acid washing. This method effectively restores surfaces that have serious dirt and algal buildup, oil stains, or other stubborn accretion. We completely wash down the affected area, then apply a diluted acid solution on the surface. After letting the compound work away at your concrete, we neutralize it and contain it. Finally, we apply a final rinse and unveil your clean, stain-free concrete.

Rust Removal

It’s hard to find a property in Baton Rouge that has managed to escape rust damage. But it isn’t an issue your property has to live with. R Brown Services uses pressure washing to eliminate the red stain, break down buildup, and inhibit growth in the future. We successfully address battery stains, fertilizer stains, metal rust stains, and equipment rust stains.

This process doesn’t just deliver curb appeal – it also secures that your business is following important environmental guidelines. When unaddressed, rust can contaminate runoff and jeopardize the code compliance of your property. R Brown Services is here to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

The Final Step: Reclaim

Reclaim is the final step of our pressure washing, acid washing, or rust removal process. We capture, treat, and safely handle water used in our cleaning process. This ensures code compliance and aligns with EPA regulations. R Brown Services is proud to serve Baton Rouge, and we’re proud to deliver solutions that safeguard the precious ecosystem that we live and do business in. Our reclaim service is one way that we help our customers stay healthy and safe.

Baton Rouge, it’s time to elevate your property! R Brown Services will lead the way with our concrete cleaning solutions. Unlock superior service and exceptional results and request a bid today.



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