Does every aspect of your property support the business that you run? R Brown Services provides our commercial customers in Metairie with solutions that preserve the professionalism and curb appeal of your company from the outside in.

What Do We Restore?

Commercial properties in Metairie have a lot of concrete surfaces. It’s only natural: From the moment that someone drives into your parking lot to the second they walk through your door, they rely on concrete to get them from Point A to Point B. These surfaces offer a great opportunity for Metairie businesses to project their professional outlook and commitment to excellence. R Brown Services completely cleans virtually all concrete surfaces, including:

  • Parking Decks & Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • Concrete Buildings
  • Sidewalks
  • Entry ways

Why Pressure Washing?

Due to the coastal climate of Metairie, concrete gets exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Mold, mildew, and mother nature combine force to create stains and safety risks to these surfaces – and add to that foot and vehicle traffic, and it’s really no wonder that concrete is in need of professional attention.

Our answer is pressure washing. We combine the best equipment with specialized cleaning agents to completely revitalize your surfaces. This approach is effective enough to remove everything from dirt to vehicle oil, and it can even tackle particularly tough issues like chewing gum. The result is a spotless, professional and safe surface to support your business.

Why Acid Cleaning?

If a property is particularly difficult, we use acid washing. This is the only way to effectively get rid of tough mold stains, oil buildup, and other stubborn eyesores. When we use this approach, we wash the affected area then coat it with a diluted acid solution. After letting the acid work its magic, we neutralize the solution, safely contain and remove it, and leave you with your buildup-free, stain-free surface.

Why Rust Removal?

Rust isn’t just ugly – it’s a major safety concern. This can jeopardize Clean Water Act compliance by polluting groundwater, and the slick buildup is also linked to slip and fall accidents. We use a special rust removal solution to eliminate buildup, remove the stain, and prevent future growth. We take rust seriously, and we’re proud to provide our Metairie customers with a solution that secures the curb appeal and safety of your business. Our approach is an applicable solution to:

  • Battery Stains
  • Fertilizer Stains
  • Metal Rust Stains
  • Equipment Rust Stains

In addition to our concrete cleaning solutions, R Brown Services also provides reclaim as an option for all of our projects. This is just one of the ways that we ensure our customers get superior results that are safe for our surrounding ecosystem.

R Brown Services exists to help our customers in Metairie maintain a safe, clean, and inviting workplace. We help you make your customer experience spotless… From the moment they pull into their parking spot to the moment they walk down the sidewalk. Experience the best in commercial concrete cleaning solutions and kick off with a free bid today.