Metairie might be New Orleans’ first suburb, but it has an identity of its own. With a bustling commercial sector than spans a range of industries, it’s a thriving place to do business. R Brown Services proudly serves all of the commercial ventures that make Metairie unique.

Our Louisiana customers can always expect commercial pressure washing solutions that restore the quality and curb appeal… And achieve it conveniently. Services include:

Building Exterior Cleaning

Thanks to its humid, coastal climate, Metairie properties face an uphill battle. Our team combats mildew, mold, dirt, and other buildup with soft washing. We successfully reverse wear and tear to deliver professional curb appeal and lasting quality.

R Brown Services addresses the needs of every exterior, with a special focus on the brick buildings that are characteristic of the Metairie commercial sector.

Building Restorations

Metairie property owners are no stranger to unreliable weather. And if that results in water damage, R Brown Services can help. Our restoration services are designed to contain the issue, repair the affected area, and return your reconditioned space to you. We also provide reclaim capability to ensure that all water is safely handled and controlled. Floods, burst pipes… You name it, we’ve got a solution for it.

Roof Cleaning

Kick off a professional first impression from the top. Our specialists carefully clean each shingle with our soft washing solution. We put an emphasis on the details, and work diligently to remove buildup from every nook. The result is a roof that is free of debris and stains, and shingles that will serve you for longer. It’s a marriage of curb appeal and long-term quality.

High Rise Cleaning

If your business is elevated above the skyline, it needs special attention. R Brown Services is one of the only pressure washing companies in Metairie – in fact, in the state – that is insured to clean buildings that stand above three stories. We have the safety standards, the specialized equipment, and the expertise it takes to make every inch of your high rise shine.

Awning Cleaning

Your awning likely fills a lot of roles. It advertises your business, it provides a warm welcome, and it provides shelter from sun and storms alike. Our soft washing services carefully clean your awning to maintain its quality, curb appeal, and functionality. We appreciate what an asset this is to commercial properties, and we offer tailored services that will keep your looking great and lasting longer.

Graffiti Removal

If you arrive to your commercial property and are met by a nasty surprise, R Brown Services can help. Our on-call services address the issue quickly and effectively, so you can get your property – sans vandalism – back in record time. We use unique cleansers and pressure washing equipment that is effective on concrete, brick, wood, glass, stone, and more.

If you’re ready to elevate your Metairie business to the next level, R Brown Services is here to ensure you meet your goals. Our team is proud to serve New Orleans’ neighbor with the best in pressure washing solutions. Explore what options we can offer you and get started with your free bid!