Concrete surfaces have the power to make or break curb appeal. Give your commercial property a powerful image with regular cleaning services from R Brown Services!

Some of the most common areas that we address are:


where regular vehicle traffic results in accelerated wear and tear.
Parking Lots, where parked cars leak fluids like oil and coolant. If unattended, these spaces are a sanitary and environmental hazard as well as an eyesore.

Drive Thrus

Where food and drink spills, as well as regular car traffic, wreaks havoc on the concrete. Banks, pharmacies, and fast food chains are some of the spaces who have to deal with wear here.

Parking Garages

Where vehicles and pedestrians are a formidable presence. Oil and car fluid buildup don’t just create an eyesore, but also accelerates wear and tear in this important area.


Where foot traffic deposits dirt and dust. This, coupled with “gifts” from nature like pollen and bird droppings, take a toll on these entry points.

Our team uses specialized pressure washing equipment to gently and thoroughly clean concrete. We believe that every customer deserves exceptional results, which is why we pledge to use the most advanced technology on the market to meet your property’s needs. We combine this equipment with powerful – and environmentally responsible – that have the power to remove even the most stubborn oil deposits and dirt stains.

But equipment is only as powerful as the people who use it. The team at R Brown Services is fully trained on concrete cleaning methods, so we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to restore even the most careworn surfaces. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, which gives us decades of valuable experience that we bring to your property. We complement this veteran knowledge with ongoing education and training so we’re always on the cutting edge of cleaning services.

After your concrete cleaning service, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved curb appeal: First impressions count, and we provide that “just like new” effect that will instantly boost your property’s aesthetics.
  • A professional image: Your property will look professional, clean-cut, and trim. This service is an affordable way to ensure that your business’s image is always a positive one.
  • Longer lasting surfaces: If you own or manage a business, time is always of the essence. Our service eliminates the need for frequent concrete repairs – or worse, replacements.
    Take control of your property from the bottom up — and let R Brown Services deliver the results!