It’s about time that you settle for nothing short of expert solutions, and we’re proud to deliver. R Brown Services proudly offers high rise building cleaning services that will keep your exterior looking clean-cut and professional… No matter how tall it may stretch into the sky.

How Our Service Stands Out

Most pressure washing companies in Louisiana are only insured to attend to buildings that are three stories or less – And this simply isn’t useful or safe if you have a building that is taller. That’s where we come in. R Brown Services is fully insured to provide service to properties that extend up to 50 stories. What’s more, we pledge to treat each and every level of your exterior to:

Superior soft washing solutions

We exclusively use soft washing to restore your exterior to its ‘just like new’ condition. This method allows us to tap into superior technology and powerful detergents that will rid your building of any unwanted debris. We work carefully to get great results that secure the long-term value of your exterior.

A priority on safety

As one of the only businesses in the state covered by insurance to attend to taller buildings, R Brown Services knows what it takes to get the job done safely and effectively. When you choose us to attend to your building, you can rest assured that you’ll only get the benefits of a beautiful building… And no complications.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

To put it simply, we aren’t interested in delivering results that are anything short of perfect. That’s why we never count a job as “complete” unless you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.

When you invest in high rise building cleaning with R Brown Services, you aren’t just getting a clean exterior. You’re getting expert solutions that will deliver the highest levels of curb appeal, quality, and care. Prepare to take your property to the next level with R Brown Services!