Baton Rouge is one of the most prominent industrial centers in the South. R Brown Services is proud to serve the diverse manufacturers, plants, facilities, and companies who make Capital City their home base.

We are a fully licensed and insured company, which allows our trained technicians to serve your property as effectively as possible. Every member of our team has the experience and expertise it takes to make your site a safe, clean, and professional place to work.

With close proximity to the Mississippi River, environmental safety is a tantamount priority. When needed, we utilize our reclaim system to safely contain and treat wastewater used in the cleaning process. Our services include:

Rust Removal

With its riverfront access and humid climate, Baton Rouge cultivates the perfect environment for rust growth. This stubborn issue isn’t just ugly… It compromises the health and safety compliance of your property. We use pressure washing to break down the oxidation. Our cleaning agents remove stains and inhibit future growth. We’ll also provide consultation to prevent rust from breaking out in the future.

Concrete Cleaning

Whether your warehouse floor is dirty or your parking lot is riddled with oil stains, we’ve got a solution. R Brown Services uses pressure washing to completely restore your concrete surfaces to a clean and safe condition.

Facility Cleaning

We’ll meet the unique needs of your facility with our mobile pressure washing unit, which we use to deliver solutions for interior and exterior needs. Our technicians will also work with you to ensure that your property is code-compliant, safe, and curb appeal friendly.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

You rely on your equipment to stay on task, and our job is to ensure that it remains reliable and functional. We remove buildup from the undercarriage and body to prevent breaks and lengthen the lifeline of your important tools. Our soft wash solutions carefully clean every corner of your technology, so you can get maximized efficiency.

R Brown Services feels honored to work with so many industries in Baton Rouge. To learn more about the tailored service we can offer you, get in touch today.