R Brown Services is proud to bring superior quality, unwavering customer service, and flawless results to homeowners in Slidell. Our residential services are designed to keep every aspect of your property at its best — both in the present and the future. Solutions include:

House Washing

Thanks to our coastal location, Slidell homes are exposed to a lot. Our job is to remove the effects of weather, wear, and tear. R Brown Services will come to your property with our mobile soft washing unit, which gently cleans your siding. It’s the safe way to remove everything from mold to dirt, and it leaves your exterior looking like new.

Roof Cleaning

No property is immune to the weather variability in Slidell, and roofs take the hardest hit. Our team uses soft washing to remove algae, mold, dirt, and other unwanted buildup from your shingles. We use this method because it’s the most effective, and it’s the only way to approach your roof’s needs in a thorough, detail-oriented manner. The result? Your roof will boost curb appeal and last up to a decade longer. It’s a long-term investment with immediate benefits.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete shouldn’t ever bring your property down. We restore dirty sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and entryways, removing oil stains, chewing gum, and dirt buildup. Customers never fail to be impressed by the positive impact that clean concrete has on the rest of their property.

Restorative Cleaning

Did a big storm cause water damage? Is your siding no longer weather-proof? We can help. Our restorative services are designed to keep your property looking great while maintaining resilience to Slidell’s variable weather. Waterproofing, exterior cleaning, and caulking are just a few of the restoration solutions R Brown Services offers.

Managed/Rental Property Cleaning

We keep landlords and their tenants happy. Our services secure the exceptional look and quality of your property’s exterior, roof, and concrete. A unit that is well-maintained ensures that current tenants are satisfied, and it also makes it a marketable attraction to other potential renters.

Historic Homes

Slidell is filled with history, and its architecture is proof. Historic homes need a careful touch and a tailored approach – It’s a balancing act to ensure that they get curb appeal without compromising their quality. R Brown Services offers a customized solution to your property’s needs, so that you can enjoy its authenticity for years to come.

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